A full service overhaul facility.

CTS Engines provides services for the full restoration of an engine’s gas path – including the overhaul of the compressor, combuster, and turbine.

  • Engine Management
  • On-condition & Video Borescope Inspections and FOD Measurement
  • Pre & Post Lease Inspections & Management
  • On-Wing MPA Certification
  • Preservation & Storage
  • Top Case Inspection/Repairs
  • On-Wing Weld Repairs
  • Engine Changes
  • Gearbox Change
  • LPT/HPT Module Changes and Refurbishment
  • HSI (Hot Section Inspections)
  • Fan Blade Change
  • Fan Blade Blending
  • Fan Disk Changes
  • AD/SB inspections

All work comes with dual FAA/EASA release forms.

Lowering your engine cycle costs.

We are committed to discovering ways to lower our customers’ per cycle engine costs.

  • Maintenance and overhead minimized through partnership
  • Enhanced revenue generation through combined special services
  • Truly independent and confidential service objectives to reduce cost, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction
  • Highly trained, professional, and quality-minded technical staff and technicians
  • Immediate field service response AOG situations
  • Customer-oriented technicians and staff experienced with both airframe and engines
  • One-stop shop for all your turbine engine technical requirements and support

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