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Full MRO Overhaul Service

CTS Engines provides complete turbine services for the full restoration of an engine’s gas path. This includes the overhaul of the compressor, combuster and turbine. We understand that mature engines need specialized care and that costs can increase over the life of engine. Following a fully detailed and documented evaluation of your engine by our highly skilled technicians and confirming the maintenance required, CTS Engines technical sales and engineering teams will provide flexible tailored solutions that meet your operational and budgetary requirements. Our experienced team can address the unique needs of each operator ranging (including but not limited) from module swaps, addressing lease return requirements, sophisticated phase-out programs, or if you are seeking a long-term business partner for programmatic support, CTS Engines is the mature engine leader you can count on to deliver high quality cost-effective results that ensure the longest life of your engine.

Lowering Engine Cycle Cost

We are committed to discovering ways to lower our customers per cycle engine costs.


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